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Relating to the sign before or after your Sun sign cannot be explained because you were born on this cusp. Your Sun sign is potent, clear and bright: he knows who he is supposed to be. So, for example, if you were born on the Aries-Taurus cusp, a correct Astrology chart cast for the date, time, and location of your birth will reveal clearly whether your Sun is at the final degree of Aries or the first degree of Taurus. If you were born when the Sun was traveling through the final degree of Aries, but can relate to Taurus qualities, it is most likely due to the fact that Mercury, Venus, Mars, your Moon, or even your Rising sign are in Taurus.

But your Sun cannot be two signs. He is not having an identity crisis While most astrologers and Astrology enthusiasts will agree with this idea, there are many individuals born on the cusp who believe that they inexplicably exert a heavy blend of both zodiac signs. For those of you who identify with your cusp or are intrigued by cusps in general, we encourage you to explore and learn about each cusp and the different ways that these energies work together!

January 17 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

Follow the movement of the planets in your Astrology chart to make better decisions and come out on top over the next 12 months! Find out the most important dates for love over the next 12 months with this personalized love Astrology forecast by Maria DeSimone. January 17th Persona Profile People born specifically on the 17th of January are usually intellectual, thoughtful and altogether more creative than most other Goats.

January 17th Work and Finances Work often plays an important part in life for a person born on the seventeenth of January and not as a rule for financial reasons. January 17th Personal Relationships As with all Capricorns personal relationships are sometimes difficult due to your fragile ego and shyness in this area. January 17th Health A strong constitution and general good health is ordinarily experienced by those born on January 17th.

January 17th Strengths and Weaknesses Your predominant main strengths of character lie in your independent, mindful but forceful and decisive mannerisms. January 17th Dreams and Goals Being born on the 17th of January bestows you with lots of imagination and creativity and this often filters through into your aspirations. January 17th Birthday Luck and Significance As you were born on the seventeenth day of the month your date of birth digits 1 an 7 give you a Root number of Eight. January 17th Horoscope Summation Capricorn personalities are believed to be mainly influenced by the planet Saturn giving them their well known determined and responsible attributes.

Horoscopes Daily 17 January - Russell Grant Horoscope

Horoscope Birthday Horoscope for next January Dates. Birthday Horoscope January 18th Birthday Horoscope January 18th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on January 18th.

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Birthday Horoscope January 22nd Birthday Horoscope January 22nd, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on January 22nd. Birthday Horoscope January 23rd Birthday Horoscope January 23rd, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on January 23rd.

What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on January 17? Birthday on January 17 Capricorn

Birthday Horoscope January 24th Birthday Horoscope January 24th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on January 24th. Birthday Horoscope January 25th Birthday Horoscope January 25th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on January 25th. Comments: January Horoscope Capricorn. Roy Surely God designed the heavens for more than stargazing.

I think it's an extremely complex system for not only us humans but for all creatures out there. Astrologers are hitting on something but they're not able to reveal the entire system due to it's complexity. Therefore, much of what they write is more or less hit and miss. However, I must say, in accordance to my own personality, there were some almost spot on characteristics mentioned. Pete A very accurate description of this 62 year old Capricorn.

Hello All January 17th Birthday People! Michelle Wow, I am quite sceptical about these things, but this really applies to my personality. Michelle Ditto. Epikitee Definitely me!

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PanfaXP3 This really describes me, but I don't really care about my appearance. It is true that I work more to feel better.

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Once you are comfortable and familiar with someone in a relationship, you will not try to experiment with others. You are not the type to seek out what else is out there. You are a passionate person who is covered with calm and cold behavior. When you finally surrender to your partner, you can be a fantastic supporter of your loved one, doing everything with nothing too difficult for you.

It only means that you are the time who can hang onto commitment for a very long time, regardless of whether your partner is returning your love or not. That describes how much you can hang in there which can either be a weakness or a great thing, depending on who is saying it. When in love, you are real and you are best matched with partners who are willing to create with you a small paradise for themselves, where you will enjoy together with a smile and passion. If you are in a friendship, you like having things under control and you demand that whoever is in your environment has to act appropriately.

You need friends who are solid like walls, who are putting value and security to something that is useful and important. Remember that, how well your relationship is going to work depends on the type of people whom you decide to become loyal to. Saturn is your planetary planet as it is the one that rules all Capricorns. For your case, you get its tendency to be oppressive.

When you hang on to something for the sake of hanging on, then there is something terribly wrong with you. As a Capricorn born on January 17, the earth is your governing element which reflects concreteness and stability. You also reflect the way the earth displays its immobility. But when the earth gets too dry and baked, it crumbles. As someone born on January 17, you are not a risk taker.

You are more of a dedicated and loyal worker than a risk taker.

Sabian Symbol

Because of your determination and ambition, you are likely to go for jobs that provide you with an opportunity to get real success and thus, only top positions are going to interest you. As an employee, you can be a good boss or colleague as you are the type who like responsibilities for doing almost everything around you and you are very hard working.

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  4. You are fundamental and organized and manage everything that is entrusted to you. You want to be the best and be able to evaluate all your possibilities. As long as you have clear directions and are set on your goal, you will ensure that you achieve your goal, however long it might take. This could be a good thing and in most circumstances, the power, the drive and the dedication that you are sure that you get where you want to go.

    The problem comes when you settle for a worthless goal. If your focus is on the small stuff, you will not come around to do stuff that will matter and that is the biggest challenge you have.

    You tend most of the time, to work in circles. Remember that, the innovators of this world are the ones who are rewarded. Those who push beyond the boundaries are the ones who matter. If you stick with the proven and tried, the world will not care about you. You will need to start trusting your intuition because it might just end up increasing your chances to achieve success in life.

    You can make a good insurance person, planners, financial managers, artists, accountants, composers, sculptors, painters, and businessmen. For you to feel safe, you need to have a lot of money and what this means is that you are a better saver of money. Black for you is the lucky color and being one that has something solid and powerful in its solidness, it might be the one behind your character.