That precisely is the reason for writing this article— lot of people are claiming on TV channels that they have , using computer, casted the horoscope of Shri Ram and have determined the exact date of birth. This is NOT possible, using the existing mathematics and parameters , and we all have to agree that they are doing a great disservice to the Hindu community and religion by staking such false claims. That does not mean we should manipulate, deceive TV channels and people watching them by making false claims.

This is information Yug, and we can expect answers to all questions pertaining to ancient Hindu history, but please do not make false claims. This is a disservice and has to be discouraged by all concern. Given on top is a rough chart of possible horoscope of Shri Ram. Moon alone is in lagna. Lot of astrologers has placed Jupiter also in lagna.

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  2. Rama and Sita through a Yogic Vision.

They have strong and valid reason for this. Shri Ram was Maryada Purushottam Purush and one who commanded highest respect from every one- as such, they argue, Jupiter has to be in Cancer in lagna. With all humility and utmost respect to them I disagree, the reasons are as follows:. When all planets are in exalted rashi or in own rashi, the person will be an emperor and command respect even if he is in Jungle. As such Jupiter need not be in Cancer in lagna.

I have placed Jupiter in sixth, in Dhanush rashi.

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The reason being that Jupiter signifies Dharm and Shri Ram have throughout his life, fought for establishing dharm. Secondly Jupiter in lagna would have granted him a high degree of happiness through children and wife, but Jupiter in sixth, in own house, would easily restrict it. Finally when a planet owns two rashi and is placed in one of his own rashi, it tends to forget to promote the affect of other rashi owned by him.

The other placement which is regularly discussed in various Jyotish article, is the placement of Rahu and Ketu. Regarding exaltation sign of Rahu and Ketu there is difference of opinion among Masters of Jyotish, some feel it is exalted in Gemini Rahu and Sagittarius, other say they are exalted in Taurus and Scorpio.

I would like to go with the opinion that Taurus, for Rahu, and Scorpio for Ketu is the exaltation sign. Ketu, in the fifth house of children , is considered bad for children, especially for first born child. Although the specific time of birth of Sri Rama is not known, Sage Valmiki has clearly indicated that Sri Rama was born on the 9th lunar day of the bright half of Chaitra with Punarvasu as the ruling constellation.

The ruling period at the time of birth is Jupiter. The total years for the different periods covering the seven planets and the two nodes are years. Vedic Astrology considers years as the maximum natural life period of a human being.

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The fourth pada of Punarvasu is in Cancer and extends upto 3 degrees 20 minutes. The exact exaltation point for Jupiter is the 5th degree of Cancer.

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  • There is also the conjunction of Jupiter and Moon. The determination of the actual degree of the conjunction is a topic of interest, but it is reasonable to come to the conclusion that as the birth occurred in the 4th pada of Punvarsu, the balance of Jupiter Dasa at birth was less than 4 years.

    The timing in terms of possibly months used in the ensuing discussion covering Sri Rama's chart is not exact. However, it is reasonable for astrological discussion. The nineteen-year Saturn Dasa started when He was four years old and ended at 23 years. The seventh house represents spouse. The Lord of the seventh house is Saturn and is located in the fourth house.

    Shree Rama's Horoscope

    Mars, Lord of fourth and eleventh houses is located in the seventh house, its exaltation position. Exalted Jupiter and well-placed Moon aspect the seventh house. Venus, the significator for spouse, is in the 9th house in an exalted position. The marriage of an individual occurs in the Dasa of the planet in the 7th house Mars , or a planet aspecting the 7th house Jupiter and Moon or a planet owing the 7th house Saturn. The Dasa of Jupiter was over when Sri Rama was about 4 years old.

    The Moon and Mars Dasas came at relatively late ages. There are no afflictions to seventh house and it is well protected. However, if Mars occupies certain houses, including the 7th, the person will lose his wife. The presence of Mars, even though exalted, can be attributed to the Sita Devi's separation from Sri Rama and the extraordinary suffering experienced by her. Even though Sri Rama and Sita Devi had to forgo the royal life at young age, they were the happiest couple in the forest. The tenth house is aspected by exalted Mars and exalted Saturn.

    Natal chart of Rama

    Exalted Sun is in the tenth house. The positive relationships of Mars, Saturn and Sun to tenth house indicates extraordinary military skill, respect for people' views opinions, concern for their welfare and the ability to rule as an Emperor par excellence. Mars, the lord of the fifth house, is exalted in the seventh house.

    madhulikha: Horoscope Analysis : Lord Rama

    The fifth house is powerfully aspected by Jupiter and Moon. Again, these outstanding combinations are reflected by the birth of Lava and Kusa. The two sons brought up by Sage Valmiki excelled their own father in courage and valor. There is nothing surprising in the horoscope of Sri Rama, but everything in it is outstanding and extraordinary.