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Compelled by destiny, they are bound to come together eventually. We can feel it when we meet our soulmate because the connection is so immediate and intense that the feelings we experience are on a completely different level. Finding a soulmate is not that easy. They are the most reliable persons in our lives whom we seek out for advice, assurance, reassurance, comfort, and guidance.

They appreciate us despite our flaws, are always aware of our desires, and create positive vibes to bring our best side out.

Soulmate Astrology Myths

We always feel open and frank with our soulmates; we can share with them both our deepest, darkest secrets as well as everyday laughter. As such, trust is the most important requirement in finding a soulmate. Soulmates appear only when we are ready to learn more about ourselves. One easy way to tell that if we have met our soulmate already is by looking at our zodiac sign.

According to astrology, each and every person who is alive falls under one of twelve zodiac signs. Zodiac signs are indicators of things like personality, emotional characteristics, and basically all types of negative and positive information about a person. Some sign combinations are more compatible with each other than other sign pairings. A post shared by highinlove. A post shared by Lovers. If we compare each sign in astrology, and the characteristics associated with them, we can find the most suitable person for us and vice versa, i.

This information is determined by the alignment of the stars in our personal birth star charts. Vedic astrological charts are used to find out our sun, moon or rising stars. This will help you know more about a person and you can have an idea if he or she is compatible with you or not.

In astrology, rising signs unite with sun signs and lead to the formation of our persona. It is responsible for the first impression we leave on people.

How to find your soul mate using vedic astrology?

This is very important as it determines if a relationship is possible or not. The moon sign in astrology reveals the depth of a person: how the person feels, the ways the person reveals his or her feelings, and thus how he or she relates with others. In addition to everything else in astrology, our zodiac signs contain that potentiality to help us discover our soulmates. To find our partners or possible soulmates we need to enter our birth dates and the age that we prefer for our partner.

Then the calculator produces some birth dates. Persons with these birth dates will have a higher chance to be our soulmates. This calculator works on the basis of compatibility in astrology. This calculator is good but not very much appreciated by everyone. Some loves may not be predicted by love calculators because there some chance outside factors at work. Astrology can do wonders when you are searching for your soulmate. This calculator selects soulmates on the basis of two zodiac signs and natural elements associated with each sign.

Thus the suggested partners at the end of this process are said to be most dependable. The relationship with this kind of person will be most harmonious and have the deepest feelings. But this kind of situation creates a negative doubling effect on the vibrations and rhythm of chakras.

According to statistics in astrology, if we search for a soulmate years older or younger us then we will get the most suitable match. Astrological statistics do not prefer relationships where both partners are the same age. But it is a fact that romantic compatibility between soulmates has nothing really to do with whether someone is younger or older than their partner. When finding your soulmate based on signs in astrology, consider Juno. That is the asteroid considered to be responsible for satisfaction and romance in relationships.

Juno is the Roman goddess of marriage and unions. So this sign also indicates our tendencies towards commitment, loyalty, and jealousy. This, along with the sun sign and moon sign, help us in understanding our self. Some meet their soulmates when they are very young and realize it later on, when they feel that the person is not like anyone else.

Finding a soulmate can happen faster if you consult astrology and refer to the zodiac signs. Aries is always straightforward and never hides his or her true feelings.

Who is my soulmate astrology

So it's quite easy to get to know an Aries and their habits. When in the company of an Aries, observe them carefully. Do this while having tea or coffee, having fun together, sharing his or her sad moments, etc. This will help a person get to know an Aries well. Aries may meet their soulmate at the age of 21 when they are in a developing but mature phase.

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At around thirty Aries starts to get settled into a routine and disciplined life with their soulmate. Aries needs a soulmate who is determined and confident enough to keep up with them. So the soulmate needs to be very assertive about their own desires and bold enough to take any risk.

Aries demands perfect communication and lots of passion. Aries prefers to chase rather than be chased. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aquarius. Libra is the perfect partner for Aries, whereas the other ones are simply compatible. Taurus is of a very sensitive nature.

They are bit choosy when it comes to their soulmates. They rely heavily on the five senses - sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste - and want each sense to satisfied when they are intimate with their partners. A Taurus needs a partner who is extremely loyal, sensuous, and careful of even very small details. It takes time for them to trust people. Taurus wants someone who is generous with their words and ready for commitment.

They are very much reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible and very much stable in life. The weakness of Taurus people is they are stubborn, possessive, and very much uncompromising. They are very much fond of cooking, gardening, etc. Also, they love music and romance. So if your partner is a Taurus, you are lucky to have him or her in your life. Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces are compatible matches, but Scorpio is the best choice for a Taurus.

A Gemini is relaxed about sex and is of a flirty nature. They prefer change and always like finding something new to enjoy. They prefer people with a crazy sense of humor who are both funny and clever.

SOUL MATE Connection in Astrology. Find out WHO and WHAT your Soul is Yearning for in LOVE

Geminis also have a picky nature. For example, they can date one person but choose another one as their soulmate. Communication and fun are very important to Geminis. However, Sagittarius is their perfect partner. A post shared by Cerise Fairfax cerise. Cancer is slow to open up to their partners, but they are quite loving once they feel comfortable. Cancer needs lots of intense caring to feel open to their partner. They use all of their senses with their partner, so a perfect partner for Cancer both enjoys lovemaking and is intelligent enough to handle their emotions. But Cancer wants to return the favor.

Therefore, a person with the ability to capture their mind and heart is preferred. Pisces, Leo, and Taurus are compatible for Cancer while Capricorn is considered the perfect partner.. Leos are very confident yet mysterious too.

Soulmate Astrology – 5 Factors That Determine Compatibility

They bring stamina, energy, and passion to a relationship. They enjoy sex and love to fool around with their partner. Leo has lots of characteristics that enable them to attract potential partners with ease. Leo loves adventure and is not afraid to face any situation; they are always ready to face the next big thing. Take control of your health and wealth! Real success is the fulfillment of our goals. Now you have the ability and tools to live life to your highest potential.

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