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Sep 11, Karen Frandsen talks with Kathy RowanDrewitt, lecturer in Astrology and Kabbalah, and learns more about the history of Astrology, its links to other subjects, and its use in the modern world. Email Addresses. Kathy RowanDrewitt KosmicKitty. Kathy Budde Rowan kathybr4.

Kathy rowan drewitt address

Kathy Rowan krowan Oct 15, Kathy RowanDrewitt, 51, from Blackpool, runs her own witch school and has taught more than 60 witches. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Kathy Rowan in New Jersey NJ.

Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Kathy Rowan. With increasing work demands in an uncertain economic climate stress in the workplace can be even more of a problem, along with stress at home and financial worries.

In this talk, it will be shown what herbs can play a part in an overall strategy to help us to cope with our current lifestyle.

Kathy Rowan-Drewitt DMS Astrol

Whether it is psychological stress or conditions such as depression and insomnia that can be a part of the whole picture. Herbs such as St.

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Revitalizing herbs such as ginseng and other types of adaptogens will be covered plus the more exotic ones like ashwaghanda and skullcap. This will also be a practical session with some tea tasting too! Essential information presented in a very positive way. The New World Order are fighting a losing battle. Humanity is rejecting the agenda of manufactured war and economic crises. So how do they plan to address this? As we enter , Humanity has an unprecedented opportunity to bring the world back in to balance The time has come for Mankind to rise above the perverse manufactured trauma perpetrated by those who believe themselves to be the rightful rulers of a planetary fiefdom.

The time is NOW Oxygen Therapies Revisited A hands on presentation by the irrepressible Lawrence Wright A hands on, interactive, audience participation presentation by Lawrence Wright on Oxygen Therapies and how they can restore your body to pristine health and vitality and keep it that way. A follow up to last years presentation with new information and case histories, in particular Lawrence will recall with photographic evidence how he cured his dog of cancer using a combination of Escharotics and Oxygen Therapies.

Very informative and very entertaining at the same time. Should be a great night out. Bring your friends along. The Mayans have been telling us for the last years to expect huge change, but what exactly? Jon Witterick, founder of www. He offers advice on how we can prepare ourselves for this transition and help create a new world, where we start taking responsibility in our search for the truth and freeing ourselves once and for all. An exceptionally good presenter. The Earth — But Not As We Know It A very informative and detailed presentation by the very popular and incredible Andrew Johnson In this presentation we will examine the evidence that lead some to conclude the earth is in fact hollow.

What can we learn from various geological and geo-science anomalies? Is there a possibility that our world is hollow? We will look at some scientific evidence and we will also look at some of the incredible accounts from people such as Olaf Jansen and others. What can this teach us about the physical nature of the planet we all live on.

We will try to navigate between the channels of disinformation and find the truth — on a journey through time and inner space. Great stuff.

What is happening in ? We have the Olympics coming up with conspiracies about the event. We have wars happening around the world, especially in the middle east. Is this fact a diversion for what really is happening to us as individuals. Over the last few months Frank has been meeting people in various groups such as the Occupy Movement and Anonymous.

A clear picture is slowly emerging from what really is happening to us. He felt it a few years ago through the energy known as chi and would like to share this information and the clear corruption of our government and possible solutions through the use of chi. He will open your eyes and mind to the implications of not acting now. Frank has built up a cult following over the last few years and will be offering his perspectives on with some remarkable and thought provoking revelations.

A welcome return of the multi talented Mark W Foster An empowering look at the deeper energetic structures and secrets hidden away from humanity for far too long. These secrets are now rapidly emerging as the veil of illusion and falsehood falls away. They are our key source of empowerment as we gather huge momentum in The manipulation of energies and programming techniques of TV, films, advertising, music and entertainment.

A large part of which is the subliminal programming of the human race. There is a spiritual war on against humanity, we should not be on the battlefield when we have no idea of the weapons that are used against us. Dave will make you aware of some of these weapons so you are able to at least recognise them and defend yourselves against them. This presentation comes very highly recommended. The Child of Europe: Kaspar Hauser And His Continuing Significance For Humanity A thought provoking and information packed presentation by Terry Boardman Nothing in history stands up to close scrutiny, and when Terry Boardman, with his keen eye for detail, is doing the scrutiny there are always some really amazing revelations.

This year is the th anniversary of the birth of Kaspar Hauser, the mysterious foundling of Nuremberg. Abducted after birth and imprisoned in a small cell for almost 12 years, he mysteriously turned up in Nuremberg in May with the mental age of a four year old, became the sensation of the civilised world for 5 years and then aged 21 was murdered by paid assassins. Kaspar touched the hearts of all who knew him and possessed remarkable extrasensory powers and qualities of soul.

He was the innocent victim of at least three dynastic, geopolitical and occult conspiracies to destroy him and prevent him from becoming what he rightfully was: Prince of Baden SW Germany. These plots also involved an aristocratic British secret agent who spent over 7 years looking for Kaspar.

Single individuals have often changed history. If Kaspar had become the Prince of Baden, the subsequent history of Germany after the Revolutions and therefore of Europe and indeed the world might well have been very different. Who tried to stop him and why? Why are they still trying in Germany and the English-speaking world to discredit him and besmirch his name? What does his case tell us about the meaning of identity, the nature of evil and the future of Europe?

Terry Boardman has occupied himself with the case of Kaspar Hauser for 8 years and published a book on him in His web site is www. So, with a bit of cheerful PR, millions of gallons of precious water and some very toxic chemicals, they WILL drill around wells locally. Who benefits?

Oct ’14 – Astro Angels Among Us

Money: Small Change or All Change? Banking is even more recent, only really taking hold in the industrial age, mirroring the rise of the City of London and similar citadels across the world. Angus will tell the story of money and examine how a deeper understanding of it can provide us some pointers towards the financial systems of the future.

The story is a remarkable one, illustrating that fascinating ability of human beings to be both clever and hardworking, and stupid and lazy, at the same time. As for the future, the hangover cure may be based on a dose of old-fashioned community spirit, topped up with a dash of wisdom. We can explore this further on the night.

Why did they stop touring? Why did their music change completely. Why all the bizarre album covers riddled with clues and symbolism? Why did they all grow beards or moustaches? Why did they wear weird clothes instead of their customary smart suits? Were some or all of the Beatles replaced by doubles? If so why and how did the PTB get away with it? For a forensic examination of what really happened, come and see this ground-breaking and thought-provoking presentation by the inimitable Lawrence Wright Trick or Treason?

An Evening with the Unmissable Albert Burgess Albert will be addressing the history and development of the English Constitution and the many treasons committed by governments and an update on what we are doing to fight back.