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You will feel energetic and forceful and should attempt creative endeavors. Do away with unwanted stuff.

The Week Ahead for Libra

Aries Weekly Prediction. Taurus Apr 21 - May 20 Enthusiasm is one of your positive traits. You will get the fruits of your hard work, which will boost your confidence. Stay focused on your goals. Taurus Weekly Prediction. Work on your communication skills as major deals will depend on it. Gemini Weekly Prediction.

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Cancer Jun 22 - Jul 22 A foreign partner may invest in your project. You may gift your love with a surprise. You will crave to settle down and plan accordingly. You will maintain good relations with all. Cancer Weekly Prediction.

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Leo Jul 23 - Aug 23 You are loyal in all your relationships with others. You can tackle situations with proper skills and contacts.

You may be under pressure to convince clients using good communication skills. Leo Weekly Prediction. And to do something about it. It's time to pursue wonderful pleasures! This week brings opportunities for fated romantic encounters Your love destiny starts here! Mercury in Scorpio is sextile to Pluto too this week and this is no time to mince your words. Say what you need to say! Cut through any bull Keep digging till you get to the truth!

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Mercury-Pluto gives you the courage and sheer stealthiness to go after what you want. People born on the 26th of January are extremely talented for something, very often for art, singing, and any form of emotional expression. Their fine senses guide them in just the right direction if they are willing to listen, and with their need to unveil the truth they might become art collectors and curators.

Whatever they choose to do, to do it right, they must find their dream job and something in a strong connection with their senses. No rational choice will ever fulfill them, however hard they might try to enjoy the benefits of their work.

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It is a crystal to aid totality and fullness of love in an individual, in all its magnificence and magic. With so much love in the numeral power of people born on this date, it is impossible to choose a wrong gift for as long as it comes from the heart.

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They will find everything beautiful, from flowers or a fine pen, to an expensive work of art. That is why a book might not be the best choice, unless if it has emotional value and a special note attached to it to give them the loving feeling they need. Choose something beautiful to serve as a pose, to be put on their wall, or something sentimental and small for them to keep it in their wallet.

Creative, loving and calm, they are masters of finding balance. Individuals with an inspiring mind, a big heart, and a feel for their environment, they know exactly what other people need.

The week ahead for libra

Capable of incredible feelings and grand love, they have an opportunity to bring Heaven to Earth. Confused, dishonest, lost in their thoughts, and at times too distant to take a hold of.

The stress of disappointment can be too much to handle for them, turning them to abusive behavior. Aquarius - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information.