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Take a look and see what my guides say about each sun sign in love, or scroll down to read your horoscope. Cultures such as those in India and Sri Lanka often use detailed astrological compatibility to determine if their relationship or marriage will be a good one. Often love astrology can be a good guide to making the most of a connection or relationship with someone else, helping us to know our weaknesses and strengths as a couple.

Knowing how and why the different signs think, feel and act can also help us to attract and keep that special person!

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Also when we truly understand our lovers and ourselves! By reading my zodiac guides to each star sign, you can find out exactly how they act in love, what they are thinking, what they look for in a partner, and even start to understand their deeper and innermost feelings and emotions very handy if you have a secretive scorpio for example!

Aries (astrology)

Whilst I do think that any star sign has the potential to be compatible to any other sign, its good to know which ones are considered to be most traditionally compatible. Practical and quick to learn in business. They dislike those of higher standing than them, both morally or mentally. As for their beliefs and views — they can show significant decisiveness and stubbornness.

A woman born on this day is impatient. She dislikes long sewing, detailed handiwork or finishing. Initially, she takes a good look at the matter as a whole, and then form the project and…wait for someone else to do the job for her. She can ruin her best abilities and talents through jealousy — and the man — through anger and haste.

If your birthday is on March 29 your zodiac sign is Aries. Go to the next page and see most famous March 29 Birthdays.

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius Vedic

Tomorrow will be held my 16th Birth day on 29th march. I am very excited and enjoy of the good day!!!! Happy birthday to all my March 29th brethren! Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in.

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