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Are you looking for a raise or need better benefits? Consider your idea of value on August 11, when money-minded Jupiter goes direct. Uranus, your planetary ruler of home and family, goes retrograde on August The planet of transformation is encouraging you to create deeper relationships with your family members, and take a closer look at your space. Instead of bringing more things into your space, embrace a spirit of minimalism while Uranus moves in reverse until January 10, Watch out for conflict at home when communication ruler Mercury squares Uranus, your domestic ruler on August Get ready to relax with your besties as of August 23 when the Sun moves into your 11th house of groups, friendships, and goals.

Discuss your wildest ideas for work, and you could find yourself collaborating. Embrace your sensual side on August 24 when love ruler Venus conjuncts Mars, your planetary ruler of well-being. Connect with your loved ones on August 26, when sweet Venus trines a retrograde Uranus, helping you to have more involved conversations.

Look into creating a quiet space in your home on August 28, when your health and work ruler Mars trines Uranus. Recharge your spirit at home while your domestic planet moves retrograde. Soak up every moment, Sagittarius. Enjoy what you love most while the Sun spends his first three weeks in your expansive 9th house of travel and education. Be prepared for a change in your routine on August 2 when Venus, your planetary ruler of health and work, squares against Uranus, the planet of transformation.

Venus, your planetary ruler of well-being, trines ruling Jupiter on August 8, helping you invest in some much-needed me-time. Kick back with a face mask or practice some restorative yoga to make the most of this transit. Jupiter moves direct on August 11, helping you to find your natural compass once again. Uranus, the planet of intense transformation goes retrograde on August 11, encouraging you to pay attention to your inward changes over surface-level matters. The Sun conjuncts wellness-minded Venus on August 14, inspiring you to take more interest in perfecting your daily routine.

Consider how you can save time, money, and energy during this transit. Pay attention to your emotions around work and romance on August 16 when Mercury, your personal planet of career and love, squares angsty retrograde Uranus. The Sun leaves your beloved 9th house on August 23 and switches his gaze towards your 10th house of career, structure, and public image.

Wellness-minded Venus conjuncts fiery Mars on August 24, lighting a fire under your butt to take care of your health. A little accountability can make a world of difference. The Sun moves through your 8th house of transformation for the first three weeks of the month, helping you to design your next iteration of being. Maintain your poise at work on August 2 as Venus, your personal planet of career, squares against your financial planet Uranus.

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You could be caught off guard by an unexpected cost, or question of your worth — remain calm and prepare the facts you need to support your cause. Enjoy a day of quiet contemplation on August 7 when the Sun trines Jupiter, your personal ruler of inner growth. Professional Venus trines spiritual Jupiter on August 8, helping you to find meaning in your purpose.

Consider how you can tie your hidden self to your abilities as these planets work together.

Jupiter moves direct on August 11, helping you to hone your inner guide. Prepare to be flexible with your finances when Uranus, your planetary ruler of the money, goes retrograde on August Capricorns are a results-oriented sign, so consider this retrograde as a lesson of reflection. Take your confidence to the next level by upgrading your work look — it can never hurt to have a fresh new shirt or pair of pants. You might be feeling a bit feisty on August Mercury, your personal ruler of well-being, squares money-minded Uranus on August 16, creating a small kerfuffle in your spending and routines.

Make time to meditate on your collection of life lessons on August 21, when Mercury, your health and work ruler trines spiritual Jupiter. Professional Venus conjuncts homey Mars on August 24, helping you to reconnect with your family. You may want to refocus your spending towards your home on August 28, when domestic Mars trines Uranus. We end the month on August 30, with a new Moon in practical Virgo, conjunct Mars. Relationships are the core of your purpose for the first three weeks of the month. Be careful of your words to loved ones on August 2 when Venus, your planetary ruler of home and family, squares Uranus, your ruling planet.

Instead of relying on the satisfaction of material accomplishments, take the time to invest in your spiritual growth while Uranus moves in reverse. The Sun, your planetary ruler of love conjuncts family-oriented Venus on August 14, encouraging you to reconnect with your loved ones. This is also an excellent opportunity to invest time in your space, and look for new ways to display old memories. You may learn a lesson about self-indulgence on August The Moon, your planetary ruler of well-being, waxes full in Aquarius opposing Venus, your domestic ruler.

Consider the importance of moderation and friendship while the Moon waxes full. Have you been spending a little too much time alone?

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It might be time to invest your time in your bonds. Communication planet Mercury squares ruling Uranus on August 16, creating awkward miscommunications. Shake them off and clarify yourself when the time is right. The Sun, your romantic ruler makes his way into your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change on August 23, inspiring you to look at your self-identity from a new angle.

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Learn about yourself and try to push your boundaries. Spend time at home on August 26 when homey Venus trines ruling Uranus. Individualize your space by creating something exciting and sentimental on August 29, when the Sun trines Uranus. Building a solid foundation of health is your priority right now, Pisces. Expand your work opportunities on August 7 while the Sun, your planetary ruler of well-being, trines lucky Jupiter, your personal planet of career.

Finesse your professional image on August 8 when charming Venus trines Jupiter. Is it time for you to update your work wardrobe?

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Nail down your personal brand while these planets work together. Consider the lessons that his retrograde motion brought you as you forge ahead. Change-maker Uranus goes retrograde on August 11, helping you to understand your inner workings better. Explore your options as inner transformation takes place until January 10, The Sun conjuncts Venus on August 14, helping you to bring beauty and joy to your daily routines.

Find ways to be more present in your day-to-day duties and be mindful of what you consume in body and mind. A Full Moon in Aquarius opposing Venus arrives on August 15, helping you to confront your high standards. The Moon represents your zones of creativity and romance, making you quite the idealist.

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Let perfectionism go in favor of getting your ideas out into the world. Mercury, your planetary ruler of love, home, and family squares a retrograde Uranus on August 16, challenging your closest relationships. Remember to listen with intention while these planets square against each other. Sensitive Mercury trines career-minded Jupiter on August 21, helping you to understand better how your work-related goals fit in with those that you love.

The Sun lights up your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business on August 23, helping you to build stronger relationships with your longtime partners and colleagues. Use this fantastic opportunity to seek out mentorship and secure the help that you need to make your dreams a reality.

Dig deep into your psychology around spending to create a happier future as Uranus moves retrograde — you have until January 10, , to make some significant internal changes. Create a new vision on August 30, upon the arrival of a new Moon in Virgo, conjunct courageous Mars. Work on mindfulness this month, Aries.

The Sun, your entertainment ruler, lights up your fun-loving 5th house of joy and recreation for the first three weeks, briefly separating you from reality. You may feel driven to make a purchase of want, and not of need. Stay on top of your vacation opportunities on August 7, when the Sun trines Jupiter, your personal planet of expansion and travel.

Keep your ear to the ground for great deals that will save you cash and meet your needs. Plan for romance on August 14 when the Sun conjuncts Venus, your planetary co-ruler of love and money.

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Mercury, your planetary ruler of well-being, squares a retrograde Uranus on August 16, encouraging you to dive deeper into the inner side of health and work. Work to connect your body with your mind. You might be interested in exploring the wide world of fitness retreats on August 21, when well-ness minded Mercury trines your travel planet Jupiter.

The Sun illuminates your 6th house of health, order, and service on August 23, bringing a new perspective to your routines. A new aura of magnetism washes over you on August 24, when charming Venus conjuncts Mars, your ruling planet. When in doubt, talk it out.